Hello, As of 12/7/2012 Google Apps announced that they will no longer be accepting free accounts at all. They went and cut the number of accounts you would have per domain over a period of time and now they just up and announced that as of that date they would not allow any new free account registrations. In the e-mail they announced they would still support current account holders. The question now is how long will that last until they decide to cut that off. I have talked about this in the past about how Google will launch a service and then one day you get that e-mail saying that the service will be no more. So everything is somewhat like a trial except the search engine data. Does this mean that Google Apps will be no more? Certainly not it does however mean that you will have to pay for an account from now on. As of this writing that is $5 per month for a 25GB inbox per month per user. This is great news for the hosting industry as there are many people that have used that since it was free that will be moving to a hosting provider that can provide them with so much more than an inbox for e-mail. I often recommend to people using those services to check out Horde, Roundcube, or Squirrel Mail all of which are included with any hosting package we offer. Check out http://www.cutabovehost.com/ and get so much more than just an inbox.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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